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About Us                                                                                                          

Pet Partners was founded by a group of co-workers and volunteers with years of animal shelter experience. Their original intention was to help solve the animal overpopulation problem by offering free to low-cost spay/neuter and wellness services. Since attaining non-profit status in 2000, the clinic has performed over 18,000 surgeries and has seen over 30,000 clinic visits.

We welcome any pet, regardless of its owner's income level and residence. We aim to serve any animal in need.





According to the Humane Society of the United States, "four million cats and dogs - about one every eight seconds- are put down in U.S. shelters each year. Often these animals are the offspring of cherished family pets. Spay/neuter is a proven way to reduce pet overpopulation, ensuring that every pet has a family to love them."






We couldn't do this work without the help of our Volunteers!

  • Sue Gurganious, CPA – our bookkeeper and Treasurer who we lovingly called “the boss," sadly passed away this August. Sue dealt with all of the financial matters and kept us in line by monitoring where EVERY penny went. She was also a wealth of information since she volunteered for non-profit animal welfare organizations since 1995 including Animal Advocates, Faxon Animal Rescue League, Habitat for Cats, and The Humane Coalition. Sue is greatly missed, as she was an asset to the clinic as well as a dear friend.


  • We are pleased to announce Liz Franks as the new Treasurer of our Board of Directors. Liz brings many years of business experience to the board, as well as a shared love of animals. We are certainly looking forward to working with her.

  • Joyce Pinsonnault- our Vice President on the Board of Directors who is also on the board of Forever Paws. She not only knows EVERYONE in the greater Fall River area but knows how to get in touch with them when we need them. Joyce is one of the Battleship’s best storytellers and the best "sshhhhr" in the children’s section of the local library.

  • Judy Collins, RN- Judy brings over 30 years of operating experience to help us out on Mondays. She has been indispensable in getting donated medical equipment and supplies from local hospitals. She also volunteers at the Soup Kitchen and has helped rescue many stray dogs from Aruba.

  • Kathy Lizotte- Kathy is our very own “dog whisperer” and helps with many tasks including calming anxious surgery patients on Thursdays. She also helps out twice a week at Greenlock Therapeutic Riding Center.

  • Special project volunteers-  Karen Lomas and family, Trish DeSouto and His Boy Elroy Band, The Bowman family, Jan Ferreira and the Charlton Hospital Gang, Bill Boardman, Paul Rodrigues, The Kardosz clan, and the spouses Bruce and Bob.

  • Volunteer veterinarians- Kathy Reilly, Laura Leanza, Linda Rodgers

Meet our Staff


  • Debra Rodrigues

  • Corinne Bowman-

  • Karen Whitener-

Office Manager:

  • Elissa Schwartz- She rides horses, teaches riding lessons and coaches a middle/high school equestrian team. She is also a math tutor.

Surgery staff:

  • Danny Bowman- veterinary technician. His hobbies include micro-brewing, shell-fishing and enjoying a good cigar.

  • Amanda Patnaude- veterinary assistant

  • Emily Uddin-Alves- veterinary technician for Bayside Mobile Vet


Dr. Debbie Gehrke, DVM

A 1990 graduate of Purdue University. Dr. Gehrke has been working for non-profit organizations since 1996. In her spare time, she enjoys open water rowing and skiing with her husband, Bob.


Our mascot- Lily the yellow lump on the floor. Lily the yellow Labrador Retriever  is a shelter rescue. She was abandoned at Faxon Animal Rescue League in 1998 and has been Dr. Gehrke’s hiking companion ever since.


Dr. Jennifer Trachtman- primarily works for her own practice, Bayside Mobile Vet, but is available for consultations in internal medicine and ultrasounds.




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